Sunday, June 23, 2013

Shore: Residence -- 18th Street

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Soon after Anthony Allen Shore separated from his first wife Gina Worley Shore, he moved from his friend's house on Tallulah Lane into a rented house on the 700 block of East 18th Street. While living there he murdered (as a minimum) Diana Robellar and Dana Sanchez. While living there he raped (as a minimum) the pseudonymous Selma Janske.

With the addition of the East 18th Street address to those already discussed, it is now possible to easily portray Shore's hunting grounds for the 13-year period of time I consider in this series. In the map below, I have connected Shore's residences by a driving path from (A) his first apartment on Renwick, to (B) his apartment off the Gulf Freeway, to (C) his friend's house on Tallulah Lane, to (D) the rented house on East 18th Street. I have also added a red marker for each PFE (point of first encounter) for the four murders and one rape to which Shore has confessed. Click on the image to enlarge.

Not only did Shore hunt his victims close to home, he sometimes hunted them exceptionally close to home. Any young woman living near Anthony Allen Shore was unwitting putting her life at risk.

I'll soon be discussing the cases of numerous young women who were murdered (or abducted and never found) while living near Anthony Allen Shore. First though, I want to discuss something odd about Anthony Shore's residences. I'll do that in my next post in this series, probably next weekend.

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