Saturday, March 27, 2010

Video Clip of Sadrine

From Larry King Live

Interesting Links, 27 March 2010

Some guy riding on the back of a giant housefly.

Super criminals in action.

Gives me a case of the willies just to look. He has a helmet on, so he'll be okay.

Some probably innocent people who have been executed. Check out the paragraph acknowleging those who have tried to make a difference, near the beginning of the third line. It's Rob Owen.

What Others are Saying: 27 Mar 2010

There's a nice article about A Wife's Undying Love For Her Man on Death Row on I wrote of the same person recently in Meet Sandrine Ageorges-Skinner. A couple of take-away quotes from the Inquirer article:

Texas is my second home. ... It is a state that I love a lot and I have met a lot of extraordinary people here.

The only time when I will be able to touch him is after his execution, at the funeral – a day I hope never comes. ... It won't change anything. ... Whatever happens, we will always be together. Death is not an end in itself.

Impressed yet?

Meet Rob Owen

Rob Owen is Hank Skinner's attorney. Hank Skinner owes his life to Rob. 

Rob has now twice pulled a last-minute rabbit from a hat. Previously, Rob managed to delay Hank's execution by finding a clerical error in the death warrant. I wrote about that briefly in The Wisdom of a Clerical Error. That gave Rob time, and just barely, to extract the second rabbit.