Tuesday, January 2, 2001

Documents for the Case of Preston Hughes III
Current as of 24 Sep 2012

 Motion to Replace Counsel filed 21 Sep 2012
Appellate Decisions (coming)

Trial Transcripts (coming)

Preliminary Hearing Transcripts (coming)

Police Reports
  Houston PD Reports compiled
Autopsy Reports
 Shandra Charles
 Marcell Taylor
 First Confession
 Second Confession
Photographs: Crime Scene (coming)

Photographs: Apartment (coming)

Photographs: Aerial (coming)

Photographs of the victims will not be made available to the public on this site.
The numbering of the photographs is my own. It is not reflective of any official numbering.

Monday, January 1, 2001

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 Another Flawed Arson Conviction? -- Cindy V. Culp / Waco Tribune
 The Girl Who Rode the Rocking Horse -- Edward J. Epstein / WSJ
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