Thursday, March 1, 2012


February is over and I'm back. I needed the time away for some renewable energy work. Long long hours, lots of work, and I'm very pleased with the result. (I'm so pleased, I used the word "very", which I seldom do.)

As of today, wrongful conviction work once again becomes part of my daily demand. I have a post prepared already on the Preston Hughes case, but I want to ease back into blogging with something else. I'll therefore take this opportunity to announce that I'm making my book Inferno: An Inquiry into the Willingham Fire free to everyone, assuming everyone has a Kindle, a Kindle reader, or a PDF reader. 

For you Kindle owners out there, or those of you with a Kindle reader, you can download the book for free from Amazon. If you're lucky enough to have a Kindle Fire, such as I received from The Skeptical Spouse for Christmas, all the images will appear in color.

For those relying on a PDF format, you can download the book for free from Smashwords. Alternatively, you can read the entire book directly from the Smashwords web site. (They usually allow the first 10% of the a book to be read free. Since this entire book is free, they allow you to read the entire book.)

For those of you who have returned this blog after my miniature hiatus, welcome back.