Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Impending Wrongful Execution of Eric King: Errata

I have received an email from Kricket Schurz, wife of Eldon Schurz. I summarized the case of Eldon Schurz when discussing (in Part 3) the role Armando Saldate had played in placing five people on death row under questionable circumstances.

Kricket Schurz corrects me on two points and criticizes my summary of her husband's case.

First, she points out that prosecutor Levy's first name is Noel, not Harold. For some reason, I used Noel approximately half the time when discussing the King's prosecutor in Part 4, and I used Howard the other half. I have no explanation why. The point is, however moot due to the other, more significant error she pointed out.

Noel Levy did not prosecute Eric King. I suspect that I had read so much about the team of Saldate and Levy putting people on death row under questionable circumstances that I merely assumed Levy prosecuted King. As I review my resources, I find not a single reference to Levy in the King case. Once again, the error is entirely mine.

I have corrected Part 4 to remove all mention of Levy and of other cases he worked on. With respect to King's prosecutor, I refer to him now only in vague terms such as King's prosecutor or the prosecutor.

With respect Kricket Schurz' criticism regarding my summary of her husband's case, she notes only that I "totally misrepresent" it. She offers no specific point of error, so I'll assume she believes my summary is generally off target.

For her presentation of her husband's case, I refer you to the home page of her site Arizona Death Penalty Injustice and to the specific page dealing with the case of Eldon Schurz.

While I relied primarily on King's appellate decision for matters related to King, I relied on Kricket Schurz' site for much of what I wrote about the other cases of potentially innocent people on Arizona's death row. I recommend her site as a starting point for anyone wanting to delve deeper into these cases.

I note here that Kricket Schurz is one of three women responsible for the Arizona Death Penalty Injustice site. The other two are Sherry Breznicki and Judie Wilson-Spowart.

I always appreciate feedback from readers, particularly when they point out my errors so that I can correct them.