Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Impending Execution of Jeffrey Motts

This Friday, on 6 May 2011, the people of South Carolina will execute Jeffrey Motts. Motts admits his crime and he wants to be executed.

Jeffery Motts was serving a life sentence for binding and shooting two elderly victims, one of them his great-aunt. He was sharing a cell with Charles Martin, who was just three weeks away from completing a 5 year sentence. 

Motts believed Martin told lies about Motts stealing headphones and planting a knife in a gang member’s cell. Motts beat Martin and tied him to a bed with a torn bed sheet, “to have some fun with him.”  Though Martin begged him to stop, Motts strangled Martin and stuffed his body under a bed. After eating breakfast, Motts dragged the body to a prison common area known as “The Rock.” There he kicked the lifeless body “to make a statement to the other inmates,” about snitches.

Though Motts has appeals remaining to him, the South Carolina Supreme Court allowed Motts to drop them. Since the day after his conviction, Motts has written the Supreme Court saying that he deserves and wants to die.

Regarding the execution of Jeffrey Motts, I stand mute.