Friday, January 21, 2022

The Serial Case of Adnan Syed

 I have a two part series about Adnan Syed that is now available at my Substack account.

Syed was the subject of the Serial podcast that drew 80 million listeners.

Part 1 provides the background of the case.

Part 2 provides my analysis of the case.

Please join me there.

Thursday, January 6, 2022

I Know Who Killed Melissa Trotter

That's the title of my first article on my new Skeptical Juror Substack newsletter. That article begins:

     The title (but not the subtitle) to this post is identical to the title of an email that I recently received. It caused me to open the email. I hope that it will cause you to read this post.
     I presume that the sender learned of my interest in Melissa Trotter from my Skeptical Juror blog, which has (as of this post) moved from Blogger to Substack. In that previous incarnation, I had written many articles about Larry Swearingen, the man convicted of (and since executed for) murdering Melissa Trotter. I titled one of them The Most Innocent Man on Death Row: Science Undone. Follow the link to see that post. Use the nearby search utility to find all my previous posts on Swearingen.
     In various other posts, I argued that Melissa Trotter was more likely murdered by the convicted (and since executed) serial killer, Anthony Allen Shore. I cleverly entitled that one Who Killed Melissa Trotter? Anthony Allen Shore.
     It was therefore with more than a little anticipation that I read the email, and I was stunned by the content. The sender did identify the alleged murderer by name, and the alleged murderer was neither Swearingen nor Shore. I will not identify the individual here, since the person has not been convicted or even charged with any felony of which I’m aware. I will, however, reveal that the person was described as being a producer of simulated and/or actual snuff films.

To read the entire article, please join me on my Skeptical Juror Substack newsletter.

I'll take this opportunity to inform you also that I have been putting most of my research and writing energy into what I call The Louise & Sherlock Project. I am responsible for the new, outrageous, and disruptive claim that it was Louise Conan Doyle, not Arthur, who created Sherlock Holmes and wrote the early stories. I launched that Substack account just today, the same day that I launched my Skeptical Juror substack account.

In 2020, I decided that I would write 50 books in 10 years, beginning in the year 2021. I published my fifth book for 2021 on Christmas day.

A few of the fifty will deal with wrongful convictions, beginning with my 3 volume work Framed for Life, dealing with the wrongful conviction of Byron Case, still in prison for a crime he did not convict. In the first-of-its-kind trilogy, I explain how the State of Missouri framed an innocent man. And I identify the actual shooter.

Most of the fifty books will deal with the Holmes authorship debate of my making. I began with the semi-technical, completely boring, foundation piece Stylometric Analysis of the Sherlock Holmes Canon. In that masterful, barely readable, really inexpensive book, I explained how the pattern word frequencies in the Holmes adventures identify Arthur's first wife, Louise, as the author of the early stories, and identifies (to my utter surprise and amazement) Jean, Arthur's second wife, as the author of the late stories.

On a considerably more uplifting and entertaining bent, I intend to publish one book for each Holmes adventure that Louise wrote, and multiple other books relevant to the issue. The first of those was the book published on Christmas day.

If you are interested, follow one or more (preferably all but the fourth) of the links below.

 Framed for Life: Volume 1: Malfeasance in Jackson County, MO