Tuesday, December 6, 2011

America's Executioner: Epilogue

I have finished writing America's Executioner: Rick Perry's Betrayal of Executive Clemency. It's substantially longer than I anticipated. At 70,000 words, it is only 3,000 words shorter than The Trial of Cory Maye.

The Skeptical Spouse is 80% of her way through the final edit cycle. She has also created a beautiful cover consisting of sparse, red words over a faded, historical map of southeast Texas. It's a disappointment that I'll not see the cover in print.

Despite the long hours, despite all that I have ignored while working on it, I've decided not to publish the book. The reason is quite simple. The book is not good enough.

The book is too dry. It is overly detailed. It is difficult to read. I don't think it will further the cause of those wrongfully convicted. I'm unhappy with it.

I simply failed to write a good book. Surprisingly, I'm at peace with that. I'll catch up on some matters too long ignored, I'll pay more attention to this blog, then I'll try again to write a good book.