Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hughes News: Your Turn to Help

I have done what is in my power to save Preston Hughes from a wrongful execution. My last act was to send a letter to Governor Perry, via his website, asking that he grant Preston Hughes a 30 day reprieve of execution to allow testing of critical DNA. Governor Perry has authority to do so.

There are many tragic aspects to this case. One of them is that the State of Texas claims to have the actual killer's DNA on a vaginal swab taken from Shandra Charles at the time of her autopsy. Somehow, in all this time, that DNA has never been compared to Mr. Hughes' DNA.

The details are explained in Mr. Hughes' Chapter 64 motion for DNA testing. That motion awaits a ruling from the trial court as the clock ticks down to Mr. Hughes' execution.

We have the means at our fingertips to insure that the person we are about to execute is indeed guilty of the crime for which is to die. Have we descended so far that we will not even compare the killer's DNA against prisoner's DNA?

For those who choose to help, I suggest that you phone the Governor's office or that you send him a letter via his web site. According to the Governor's web site, the phone number is (512) 463-2000. If you prefer to contact him via an online letter,
click "I am registering my opinion",
click "Select",
fill out the online form that will appear,
click "Send Message".
I will not post here what I wrote to Governor Perry. I assure you I was polite and respectful. I do not post here what I wrote because I want you to use your own words. It is important that you speak in your own words.

I ask that you not just contact Governor Perry yourself. I ask as well that you ask others to contact Governor Perry, and that they ask others, ad infinitum.

I thank you.

And now I wait.