Monday, February 20, 2012

Going Dark

Once again, I must suspend posting on this blog in response to another task that consumes me. This time, the task has to do with my second, previously unmentioned avocation of renewable energy.

The intense portion of this renewable energy task will end no later than 5 PM on Wednesday, 29 February. I will begin posting a few days after that, perhaps a bit sooner.

I admit openly to not wanting to allow this blog to lapse, even temporarily. In addition to an unlimited amount of new material we need to address, I interrupted my series on compliant jurors to prepare a rejoinder series regarding Byron Case. I then interrupted that rejoinder series to throw myself into researching Preston Hughes III, after Guest Blogger Al's tantalizing two-part post. Though I have uncovered some extremely interesting issues regarding that case, I interrupted that research to investigate and write of Robert Waterhouse. Of those tasks, only the Waterhouse issue has been resolved, at least in terms of fundamentals such as living and breathing.

Even before the people of Florida actually put Waterhouse to the needle, I had been forced by time constraints to throw myself into the renewable energy project. There's too much to do and now too little time to do it. I can no longer divide my time, thought, and energy.

I must go dark.