Monday, April 5, 2010

Lisa Busby Wants the DNA Tested

A news report from Lisa Busby is Twila's daughter. She believes Hank Skinner is guilty of killing her mother and wants to see him executed. To expedite matters she is asking Lynn Switzer to allow the DNA be tested. "He needs to die. I mean test the DNA and get it over with," Busby said. "Kill him. That way we have something of peace and closure."

Actual Innocence Scorecard: What Does it Mean?

Last time we spoke seriously, I introduced my use of an Actual Innocence Scorecard as a means of ranking the likelihood that an innocent person was executed. In this post, I hope to clarify the meaning of the Actual Innocence Score. I'll use the case of Michael Blair as an example.

You can see Michael Blair's scorecard by clicking on the image to the right. Since it's an information-dense image, maximize the window in which it appears. Most browsers will allow you to enlarge the image further by simply clicking on it.

From the scorecard, you can get a quick overview of the case. "On September 4, 1993, seven-year-old Ashley Estell was with her family at  ...