Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Case of Preston Hughes III: Madness!

Reader Anonymous has left the following comment to my post The Big Sleep.
At about 11:00am CST on July 18, 2012 Texas District Judge Ruben Guerrero set a November 15, 2012 execution date for Preston Hughes, III.
I have not been able to confirm the report, but I have no reason to doubt it.

ADDENDUM (21 July 2012):
Having followed the instructions of the wizened commentor, I offer the following screenshot.

I also can independently confirm that Preston Hughes III has indeed been scheduled for execution on July 18, 2012. As usual, the Hughes execution is scheduled for any time after 6 PM that day. Typically, Texas wastes little time. The prisoner is usually declared dead by 6:20 PM.

The date does not yet appear on the Texas Department of Criminal Justice website.

The date does not yet appear on the Death Penalty Information Center website.

The date does not yet appear on the Amnesty International website.

ADDENDUM (24 July 2012):
Hughes' execution date now appears on the TDCJ website.

The date also appears on the Death Penalty Information Center website.

The date also appears on the Amnesty International website.

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