Saturday, August 20, 2011

Scenes from The Speedfather

Embedded below is a pre-release clip from the upcoming movie The Speedfather.

The Speedfather is a true story of government, corporate, and judicial corruption organized not around gambling, prostitution, or drugs, but around the more profitable business of traffic ticket shakedowns in Maryland.

The Speedfather stars the Optotraffic DLS-10S automated speed enforcer as The Speedfather. The city governments and the courts play the well-rewarded henchmen. Will Foreman plays the naive fool who dares challenge the system.

In this scene, Will makes an appearance in court to fight 15 of the 60 tickets he has been ordered to pay by The Speedfather. Will has the two photos the law says must be accompanied by every ticket. Will has the citation itself signed by a police officer certifying the photos prove Will was speeding, though they clearly do not. Will intends to show that if you overlay the two photos, taken at slightly different times, the photos in fact prove that he was not speeding.

Will intends to discredit The Speedfather and thereby bring the entire bunko scheme to its knees.

And without further adieu, I bring you the soon-to-be-released trailer for The Speedfather.

The carnage you see in the closing moments is the Maryland justice system.