Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Supreme Court Down to the Wire

Hank isn't going to die today!!

Less than an hour before Hank Skinner was due in the death chamber, the US Supreme Court issued an order to delay his execution. Read the order here.

More later. Standing in for The Skeptical Juror, the very relieved Skeptical Spouse and Skeptical Niece.

Godspeed, Hank Skinner

Today, untold numbers of innocent people will die at the hands of another human being. It's called homicide. 

A few of those people will begin the day knowing it will be their last. Hank Skinner is likely to be one of the unfortunate few. If Texas executes him today, as now seems likely, the cause of death will be recorded as "homicide."

The discomfort one feels about any of the many homicides that will occur today is related to how close one is to the victim. As I've worked uncounted hours on the Hank Skinner case these last two months, I've tried to focus on the case, not the person. There's a pragmatic but selfish reason for this. It hurts too much if you get too close.