Friday, January 30, 2009

Missouri v. Byron Case

Byron Case: defendant

Kelly Moffett: accuser
Embittered ex-girlfriend

Anastasia WitbolsFuegen: murdered

Justin Bruton: dead of suicide

The Skeptical Juror and The Trial of Byron Case is the first book in a new true crime series.

Each book is a true life drama in three parts: Trial, Deliberation, and Aftermath. In each part, the reader assumes the role of a juror, accompanied by the Skeptical Juror.

During Trial, we hear all the witnesses, listen to attorneys make their arguments, and receive jury instructions from the judge.

During Deliberation, we join ten other jurors to debate the fate of Byron Case. You decide for yourself how you would have voted had you actually been in a jury seat during
Missouri v. Case.

Only after deliberations, only after deciding how you would have voted, do you learn of how the actual jury voted. Did they find him guilty? Did they acquit? Did they get it wrong? It's up to you to decide.

Then prepare to have everything you believed turned upside down. In the Aftermath, you learn of evidence withheld from you, and of evidence uncovered after the trial. Would it have changed your vote if it had come into the trial? Did you allow a guilty person to walk free? Did you send an innocent person to jail?

Will you be able to live with yourself?

Read the Prelude and Introduction.

As a brief example, read the testimony of Deputy Epperson.

Each book is true to the actual trial transcripts, which are available here at The Skeptical Juror site for your review. Reading them now, though, would spoil the surprise.

Also available here are actual case documents. For
Missouri v. Case, I've included police reports and interviews, the death certificate, autopsy report, and the recording of a critical phone call. Listen for yourself. Did Byron confess? Was the phone transcription accurate?
The book is now available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.