Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Postmortem Evaluation of Troy Anthony Davis: Intro

Late tonight (or in the wee hours of tomorrow morning), I will begin a postmortem evaluation of the Troy Anthony Davis case. I won't however, be evaluating the people of Georgia, or their police, or their prosecutors, or their judges. I won't be evaluating the U.S. Supreme Court.

I will instead be evaluating us. I will be evaluating you the readers and me the blogger. I will be looking at how we did in assessing the case, to see if we can learn from our mistakes before we are too harsh in judging others for theirs.

Representing me in this postmortem evaluation will be me. I'm concerned about the quality of my representation, but I'm all I've got. Representing you, the now-confused reader, will be those who commented on my five-part Troy Davis series that garnered more attention than any other post or series I have written.

It's not too late to be criticized for your writing or thinking. (It's fun. Really. Trust me.) Overcome your fears of saying something stupid or something brilliant. Add an insightful comment about the case now. And if you comment within the next 20 minutes, I'll throw in the shipping and handling for free.

Maybe you too will be mentioned in the postmortem.