Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Behind The Scenes: StatCounter Maps

One of the striking things about the internet is the quality and extent of free stuff. Everyone wants to provide me with high-quality products and services for free. Firms will compete fiercely with one another to give me stuff for free. It's certainly not because I'm rich, or famous, or powerful. They treat me this way even though I'm one of the masses. The motto seems to be "To each according to their wants they didn't even know they had, from each a big fat zero."  It's the kind of economic system that really works for me.

Let me admit up front that which must be obvious to everyone. As a blogger, I'm a novice. I'm not a blogging expert, by any means, and I'm in no particular position to pontificate on the art of blogging. I thought, however, you might like to learn of some of the free things people really, really, really want me to use.  I'll begin with StatCounter, because it provides (among other things) this very neat graphic.

It's a world map showing where the most recent visitors came from. (Click on it to enlarge it.) Most of you hail from the US, but there are a fair number that come from Europe and some loyal visitors from down under.

The one on the equator is one that StatCounter couldn't figure out where it came from.