Friday, January 22, 2010

Living on Borrowed Time

February 24, 2010 -- Today is the day Hank Skinner was originally scheduled to be executed. Sometime after 6 PM Texas time, the Great State of Texas was hoping to strap Hank Skinner to a specially designed table, clean the crook of his elbow with an alcohol swab (to prevent infection later), and insert an IV line. They were planning then to inject a sequence of sedative and lethal chemicals, so that Hank Skinner would pass from this earth.

Meanwhile, District Attorney Lynn Switzer withholds copious and probative DNA evidence of Hank's actual guilt or innocence. She may also be withholding exculpatory results from a rape kit and fingernail scrapings.  The rape kit and fingernail scrapings were, afterall, sent long ago for testing, yet the results remain a secret to this day.

Rick Perry, the man who initially appointed Lynn Switzer to her current position, watches the polls.

Texas' plans for today were put on hold due to a clerical error and an astute attorney. As for our role in this unfolding tragedy, we have been ineffectual. We have failed to persuade Rick Perry, or Lynn Switzer, or the Texas Board of Paroles and Pardons to release the DNA for testing. We have been unsuccessful in bringing any noticeable incremental attention to this case.

We are not even gnats to be swatted. We are, at best, but a small fragment of a gnat to be swatted. Our impact has been as we predicted, but refused to accept. So now ...

We can continue with our current plan.

We can give up.

We can try something else.