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Shore -- Residence: Tallulah Lane

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When confessing to the murder of Laurie Lee Tremblay, Shore described his residence as: "I was living in Alfred's house at the time."

Laurie Lee Tremblay was murdered on 26 Sep 1986. According to a public records search, Anthony Allen Shore moved into a house located on Tallulah Lane in west Houston in November of 1985. The public records have him living there until October of 1999, but that can't be correct. The public records searches tend to shift the move-in date somewhat later than actual, since the searches may miss the earliest indications that the subject has moved. Furthermore, the searches tend to lengthen the stay beyond actual duration, sometimes significantly, since they do not find assertive information that the person has moved out. The public records searches do attempt to resolve suggestions that a person is living at two, or three, or more residences at the same time.

What's clear is that Shore was living at a house at the time of the Laurie Tremblay murder. Since the public records search show him living in only in a specific house during that time frame, the one on Tallulah Lane, I'm confident that Shore was living in the house on Tallulah Lane at the time of the Tremblay murder.

I'll not give the specific address of his Tallulah Lane residence, since I do not want the current occupants to be disturbed in any fashion regarding Shore's earlier stay in their current house.

Shore first encountered Laurie Lee Tremblay at the corner of S. Dairy Ashford Road and Westella Drive. That intersection is only 0.4 miles from where Shore was living at the time. This is an extreme example of Shore seeking his prey close to his home.

Two years after the murder of Laurie Lee Tremblay, two years to the day, 16-year-old Shandra Charles and 3-year-old Marcell Taylor were murdered in a field behind the Fuddrucker's restaurant located at 2475 South Kirkwood Road in Houston. That is only 2.1 miles from Shore's Tallulah Lane residence. Preston Hughes III was executed for those murders, though he was innocent of them. I wrote 100,000 words about that case in this blog. An outline of my posts can be found here. I also wrote an 82 page Application for Writ of Habeas Corpus for Preston Hughes. That document is here.

One of the reasons I am pursuing Shore for all his killings, not just for those to which he has confessed, is Preston's mother. I came to know her as I tried to save her son's life. I've stayed in touch with her since her son's wrongful execution. She has asked nothing of me. I am doing this of my own accord.

There are now other reasons why I am pursuing Shore for all his killings and all his attacks. I got started, however, because of Preston's mother. 

So that you can get a sense of how close the three murders were to Shore's residence, I've included the three locations on a map which includes downtown Houston. Click to enlarge.

As you can see, all three locations are clustered in far west Houston. The uppermost location is where Shore first encountered Laurie Lee Tremblay. The intermediate location is Shore's Tallulah lane residence. The location at the lower right is the field where Shandra Charles and Marcell Taylor were murdered two years to the day after Laurie Lee Tremblay was murdered.

The proximity of Shandra and Marcell's murder to Shore's residence does not necessarily mean that Shore killed the two of them. It is, however, good reason to consider the possibility. I will do so later in this series, just as I will consider each of Shore's possible victims later in this series.

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