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Shore: Residence -- Miscellaneous

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In this series, I am considering the possible unacknowledged victims of Anthony Allen Shore. I am limiting the discussion to attacks prior to 16 January 1999 when Shore raped Amy Lynch and strangled her nearly to death. Since Shore tended to attack young women that he first encountered near his residence, I have presented one post for each of the four residences that I believe were Shore's primary residences. Those four residences are.

An apartment on Renwick Drive west of downtown Houston.

An apartment in the Atrium Apartments complex near the Gulf Freeway and Hobby Airport.

A house, probably owned by a friend, on Tallulah Lane well west of downtown Houston.

A house, rented, on 18th Street, slightly northwest of downtown Houston.

Public records for the time period of interest show that Anthony Allen Shore and/or his first wife (Gina Worley Shore) resided at multiple other addresses. The beginning and end dates of the stays at these residents overlap one another as well as the dates for the primary residences. It's seemingly impossible to envision how Shore might have simply moved sequentially from one residence to the next. It seems instead that Anthony and/or Gina Shore were maintaining multiple residences. I have formed several hypotheses for the significance of the multiple residences, but my hypotheses are not well-formed or substantiated. I'll therefore leave it to you to devise your own.

In this post, I'll simply provide the addresses of the miscellaneous residences (without the specific apartment number), then provide a map showing all of Shore's addresses in comparison to his victims, both his acknowledged victims and the others I suspect of him.

I list the miscellaneous addresses in the order of earliest-to-latest occupation date.

10438 Hammerly Blvd, Houston 77043
10438 Hammerly Blvd, Houston 77043 (same apartment complex, different apartment)
10000 Hammerly Blvd, Houston 77080
6363 West Airport Blvd, Houston 77035

The four "primary" residences and the four "miscellaneous" residences combine for a total of eight different residences for Anthony Allen Shore after his return to Houston (sometime before April of 1981) until the time he raped and strangled (nearly to death) his live-in girlfriend Amy Lynch (in January 1999).

I now present the map showing the eight possible residences (yellow house icons) of Anthony Allen Shore and the fourteen attacks (red balloon icons) for which he may have been responsible. Click to enlarge.

There are only seven residence icons because two residences were in the same apartment complex. There are only thirteen attack icons because two people were murdered in the same attack at the same location.

Anthony Allen Shore has acknowledged five of the attacks. In the next post in this series, hopefully next before the end of next weekend, I'll summarize the cases of the nine other individuals who may have been attacked by Anthony Allen Shore.

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