Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Robert Nelson Drew: An Additional Note

A quick follow-up note on Robert Nelson Drew.  If you check here, you can see the appellate attorneys who prepared Drew's state writ of habeas corpus: Ronald Kuby, William Knustler, Rob Owen and Michael Jackson.

I'm unfamiliar with Michael Jackson the appellate attorney. Kuby and Knustler are famous (some will say infamous) for their high-profile and notorious clientele. You may recognize Knustler in the photo at the right.

Rob Owen, of course, is currently and ably defending Hank Skinner.

Robert Nelson Drew couldn't have asked for a more talented appellate team, and he was as obviously innocent as you can ever hope to find on Texas' death row, absent DNA proof. But it did him no good. Not a whit.

Is this the kind of judicial system we want?

Is it the kind we deserve?


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Kathy said...

It is true that Robert Nelson Drew had the most "talented appellate team" in Texas and lost appeal after appeal. It should perhaps occur to you that this is because he was GUILTY of the extremely brutal murder of a 17 year old kid.
Yes, he had an accomplice that later, after he couldn't be re-tried for the same crime, wanted full "credit" for the slaying. RND, however, admitted to killing Jeff Mays in his original trial and licking the blood off his jacket.
It is absurd that Robert Nelson Drew has become some kind of poster child for innocent executions. He held my friend Jeff and slashed his throat 3 times while watching Puralewski stab Jeff 16 TIMES in the chest. Propaganda is the ONLY reason RND is widely held as innocent among those against capital punishment. Those of us who knew Jeff have no doubt that justice was served.

Anonymous said...

kathy im so sorry for your lose but in the same time i feel for you that you cant open your eyes to the truth of robert nelson drew as for me sitting here 18 yrs after my cousins death by the state of texas reading all the original transcripts from both the first and second cases he went through and the evidence and the statements of bee landrum and the polygraph test backing his statements that robert didnt do it that purlauski did. and making the statement he didnt see what happened but knew his best friend was killed by his knife as well as traveled with the alleged person he blamed for the murder of his best friend i dont care who you are or at what age you are if your in a car 4 guys and two guys yank my best friend out of the car and pull him behind the car and prosist to beat him and stab him and im in the car alone id believe id be starting the car and driving off.(flaw 2)
bee landrum later stated that drew made him sit in the car passenger seat as jeffery was driving and made him pull over and yanked him out the front seat to the back and beat the shit out of him...which story is true? (flaw 3)how is the leather jacket of a 17 yr old who weighs in avarage of 90 lb going to fit on a man who is 150lbs? leather dont stretch...ever try to stretch leather? (flaw 4)but yet the reports show that drew and purlauski had pulled jeffery from the passenger side of the car and yanked his head back and cut his throat and stabbed him to death and tossed him into a detch..how in the world do you pull someone from a passenger seat when they are the one driving? when it stated jeffery was driving and had pulled over to make a phone call home when he heared the remarks purlauski had made about being on the run from cops,and stated his dad was ill and that he was headed back home.then drew got mad and pulled him to the back seat and beat the shit out of him and purlauski said take his wallet and watch if your gonna kill him in the police report you put two and two together in this case and it all points to purlauski who never knew of drew in any way when they got picked up at two different destinations hitchhiking so why would someone you dont know or ever have met take the blame for someone elses actions i dont know about you but i be damned if id take blame to killing someone when i didnt.purlauski was the sick bastard who killed your brother not robert who had no criminal history what so ever or prior record with the police anywhere and ie paid lots of money for the criminal checks and ncic's and private investigators to do searches of drews backgrounds and come up empty handed and yes we paid good money for kunstler and robert kuby for drew because we knew he was innocent of this hidious crime you held him accountable for for over 28 yrs.

tsj said...

You state that you have copies of the trial transcripts. Would you consider providing me a copy. Please contact me at skepticaljuror@gmail.com

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