Monday, February 25, 2013

Going Dark Once Again

I am taking another hiatus from blogging. I don't know how long I will be away. I know only that I am now deeply involved in another project, one that is not depressing and discouraging, and that the siren songs are too seductive to resist.


DareToDream said...

Here's hoping that project has to do with Byron :)

Rick.Bonin said...

Byron's case is depressing and discouraging :(

Matthew Faler said...

I read the Case book, and the various transcripts, pleadings, appeals etc...So having not thought of substantive criminal law since the bar exam 7 years ago.... I think the most direct way to Byron's freedom is obtaining a ballistic expert to testify as to the handgun being the murder weapon. AND, I think TSJ and I might almost be neighbors, I live in Huntington Beach, just a few miles south of Long Beach! Small world.

Paul Fox said...

I'm sure whoever is the subject of TSJ's latest project, it will be a worthy one. A bit of me is hoping it is Rob Will on Texas DR. So pleased we don't execute here in UK, and that more and more US states are rejecting capital punishment. Keep up the good work will end one day!

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