Friday, November 9, 2012

Hughes News: Bad News / Quick Update

The CCA took a week to consider Mr. McCann's application for Writ of Habeas Corpus. The CCA received Mr. Hughes' pro se application yesterday in the mail and rejected without considering it before the close of work. As I noted previously, the previous application placed another, nearly insurmountable hurdle in front of Mr. Hughes.

I have no time to detail all this or to whine of it. There is much to do. I won't specify in public any longer on what we intend to do, since that seems to have worked to Preston's disadvantage. I'll say only this. We have four options we are considering, two that we are considering seriously, and one that I stopped working on just now to post this update.

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

In a pleading dated November 6, 2012, Hughes filed a pro se Memorandum for Stay of Execution and in Support of Motion for Relief from Final Judgment. (Docket Entry No, 73). Hughes’ pro se motion rests upon the same factual and legal foundation as the Rule 60(b) motion this Court has already denied. The Court, therefore, will DENY his pro se pleading AS MOOT. In addition, Hughes’ pro se motion suffers from the same defects as the Rule 60(b) motion filed by counsel and, therefore, is subject to dismissal on the same grounds.

Moreover, an appointed attorney still represents Hughes. This Court has not authorized Hughes to proceed under hybrid representation. The Court will only consider pleadings filed by counsel of record.

For the reasons above, the Court DENIES Hughes’ pro se pleading.

SIGNED at Houston, Texas this 9th day of November, 2012.

Angelika said...

I love your blog.

Preston Hughes is innocent and that he was framed by the police.

Thank you for fighting for justice. Thank you doesn't express my gratitude enough.


Anonymous said...

Has this application gone to the U.S Supreme Court? If not, is there any way now of submitting this to them?

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