Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Impending Execution of Donald Palmer

Donald Palmer sits on death row awaiting execution by the people of Ohio on 20 September 2012. I suspect he will not survive the day.

I have not found an appellate decision providing a summary of the crime. I therefore offer the following summary provided by The Forgiveness Foundation.
Donald Palmer is scheduled to be executed at 10 am EDT, on September 20, 2012, at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility in Lucasville, Ohio.  Palmer is convicted of killing Charles Sponhaltz and Steven Vargo along the side of County Road 2 in Belmont County, Ohio, on May 8, 1989.  Palmer, now 47, has spent the past 23 years on death row.
On May 7, 1989, Palmer, along with his sister Mildred “Angle” Patterson and Edward Hill, drove from Columbus, Ohio to Belmont County, Ohio in Hill’s brown Dodge Charger. On May 8, Hill and Palmer drove out past the residence of George Goolie who had dated Palmer’s ex-wife, Cammy. Cammy was Hill’s sister. Allegedly, Hill and Palmer were going to rob George or burglarize his residence. In February 1989, George’s house had been robbed and George had asked his friend, Charles Sponhaltz to check on the house when he drove by. 
Around 5 pm on May 8, Hill’s vehicle collided with the back of Charles’ white pick up. There was no damage to either vehicle. However, Palmer got out of the vehicle he was a passenger in and shot Charles twice in the head. Steven Vargo was a passing motorist who stopped to see if he could help. When Steven got out of his vehicle, Palmer shot him twice in the head as well. 
Palmer and Hill placed Charles in the back of his truck and abandoned it in a field near the scene of the crime. Steven and his vehicle were left at the scene of the crime. Matthew Rutter saw Charles’ white pick up driving quickly in the opposite direction of the crime scene, followed closely by a brown Dodge Charger. Matthew then came upon Steven’s body and his abandoned car. Matthew tried to help Steven and when he did not respond, Matthew called the police. Charles’ body and truck was discovered seven tenths of a mile away. Both bodies had also been robbed. 
Prior to the murders, Palmer and Hill had been stopped by a police officer who verified that Hill was the owner of the truck. After the murders a description was given of the truck and the police officer recognized it as likely being the same vehicle. 
Police found Palmer and Hill on May 16, 1989, and brought them in for questioning. At first, Palmer denied knowing anything about the murders. Police then told Palmer that they had evidence linking him to the crime. Palmer confessed to the murders and gave the police a detailed account of what happened.

Palmer claimed to have accidentally shot Charles as he attempted to break up a fight between Charles and Hill. Palmer then claimed to have shot him again to make sure he was dead. Palmer then admitted to shooting Steve because he was afraid Steven might have witnessed something. While in police custody, Palmer admitted numerous times to killing Charles and Steven, telling the story many times. 
During his trial, Palmer testified that he never meant to kill Charles or Steven. The murders occurred in such a short period of time that he never had time to stop and think about what he was doing. However, Palmer denied telling police he shot Charles a second time to make sure he was dead. He also denied telling police he shot Steven because he thought he was a witness.
Edward Hill was also tried and found guilty on two counts of aggravated robbery and two counts of aggravated murder. He is serving a sentence of 35 years to life in prison. 
The Forgiveness Foundation has recently received a letter from Donald Palmer. We have learned that while Donald was raised in a Protestant Church, he never had a relationship with his Lord and Savior until he entered death row. Donald has accepted his punishment; “I am guilty of murdering two men, destroying two families, and failing my own. My punishment is just.” Donald does not know why he committed the murders.
I oppose any and all executions in which the person to be executed might be factually innocent of the crime for which he is scheduled to die. In all other cases, I stand mute.

No one, not even Donald Palmer, argues that he did not shot and kill the two victims. Therefore, in the case of Donald Palmer, I stand mute.

ADDENDUM (20 Sep 2012)
Donald Palmer was executed by the people of Ohio as scheduled.

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Steve Morgan.(London) said...

Just found this site while looking at the case of Preston Hughes on the Execution Watch page, and like it.I am in favour of the death penalty i just wish they would bring it back in the UK.Donald Palmer knows what he's done and has to pay the piper.Under the law of Parties (crap Law) Edward Hill should be facing the same punishment aswell.''He never had a relationship with his Lord and Savior until he entered death row.''It's amazing how god thrives on death row..

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