Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Case of Preston Hughes III: KPFT Interview

My six minute interview with Marlo Blue of KPFT radio.  The YouTube clip was created by Marlo.

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Anonymous said...

So, where are the trial transcripts? The pathologist was cross examined regarding the female's injuries but there are no transcripts posted as to what was testified to.

Anonymous said...

Preston must have had an enemy at the HPD. What could have possibly started this nightmare? Guilt seems doubtful but I would like to know why the HPD has set up the events that won the conviction in the first place.

tsj said...

I think you are close in your thought that Preston Hughes had an enemy at HPD. If you have not already, read my post The Big Sleep, particularly the section Why Preston Hughes?

Anonymous said...

But why would Preston be on the radar in the homocide department at HPD? Was Preston's case big at the time. Was the officer somehow tied to his case?

I really do think the cops thought they had the right guy, but unlike CSI and other shows like it the crime lab and cops don't work hand in hand.


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