Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I returned home last Friday night. I still have much work to do on the case, but I am satisfied that I spent the time and the money wisely.

I now return to my many other tasks, including blogging. With respect to this blog, I have an announcement.

After having requested, received, and reviewed the autopsy reports, I am convinced that Preston Hughes III is innocent. I am convinced that he in no way participated in the murders of Shandra Charles and Marcell Taylor. Given my conviction, coupled with the possibility that Preston Hughes III may soon be assigned an execution, I believe I have a moral obligation to expeditiously complete my work. Therefore, until I have completed my series on his case, I will blog of nothing else.

With one exception.

I will continue to review each impending execution before injection. I do not want to see any more innocent people executed without at least a public proclamation of my objection.

Once I have completed my series on Preston Hughes III, I will once again return this blog to making my case that we now have approximately a quarter million innocent people behind bars, and that we have already executed an uncounted number of innocent people.

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