Monday, November 7, 2011

Spectacular News: Hank Skinner Granted Stay of Execution

As per The Huffington Post.

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Geri Rose said...

That is great news. I signed the petition and posted it to as many sites as I could before being blocked. I have read every single post that is here. Some people may think that by signing his petitions or helping him get the DNA tested means they are saying they think he is innocent. Well that's not the case if that is how any of you feel.
Regardless of whether anyone thinks he is guilty or not the DNA should be tested. I do not know if he's guilty, BUT what if he isn't? Would it be right to let someone get executed if they are innocent? NO! I firmly believe there are some untold stories in this tangled mess. I also feel there are way to many LIES being told. If everyone is so convinced he did this crime, testing the DNA only makes it better for them... so let's get on with it. From all of my reading it looks allot like the "people" trying to KILL Hank are the ones hiding things NOT Hank. Don't get me wrong I am all for the death penalty, I would like to see "hanging" brought back rather than giving a monster the easy way out but to put someone to death or even in prison when they are innocent is outrageous. There is one thing that stood out to me just recently and made me basically go crazy posting the petition, writing to tv shows,newspapers ect. was the fact that his execution date was moved up!!? How IRONIC that was. That sealed the deal for me as a reader and it should have done the same thing for anyone else that read any of the story/case! If you are someone just sitting there reading this.. it's easy to get involved just write some letters to these "people" and let them know how you feel and tell them they need to do what is RIGHT and test all of the DNA and go from there no matter what the out come is!
I for one... ( if Hank is Innocent) hope he comes out smelling like TWO roses.. I hope he sues the rear off EVERY single person involved that put him in prison..Then.. Hank, you seriously need to move out of =)

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