Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Marcus Ray Johnson Given Stay of Execution

I'm pleased to offer my first Twitter reference ever.
Great News: Tomorrow's execution has been stopped because Judge Lockette wants the DNA evidence to be tested!  
When you follow the link, make sure you check out the comments there. It will make you proud of the ones you post here. Here's a sample from the link:
I'm sure the woman he murdered would like her life back also. I sure wish they would bring back beheading or electric chair and show it on the nightly news so every body could see it.
I've yet to see in the comments there anything along the nature of:
Good. Now we will be better able to understand the case before we execute someone for the crime.
For anyone tempted to say this stay proves the system works, I think you might ponder that thought beforehand.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like he wants the evidence tested. This is from the link: "Judge Lockette said he was just granting a stay. He was not granting new DNA testing or new trial. He said he will hold a hearing again February 1, 2012. The stay will give the defense time to review evidence and consult with experts."

So if I understand that correctly, they won't be allowed to perform new testing at least until February 2012... hopefully either this is wrong, or at least it will be allowed after that.

Your analysis of the case didn't convince me, but I didn't respond to it because given all my comments on the previous post, I thought it should be clear in general how I would respond. So in fact, the main reason I'm glad about the stay is not that "it proves the system works" or because I think there is any reasonable chance he is innoncent, but because if they get a chance to test the new evidence, it will prove more clearly to everyone that he is guilty. As it was, if he were executed, no one would ever have bothered to test the evidence.

Anonymous said...


tsj said...

Nicely reasoned. The all-caps is particularly persuasive.

Anonymous said...

what is so sad is he admitted to it and if he didnt do it why would he say he did there are some sick people in this world and they neeed to be done the way they did the innocent person

Anonymous said...

i can't believe he did that he used to be mine and my cousins best friend we always stayed at his house and we did alot together he was never out of the way he was so sweet but you know people can snap and i dont know he probably did do it and if he did friend or no friend justice needs to be served for that girl she was innocent and didnt deserve it

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