Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I Oppose the Execution of Troy Anthony Davis

Troy Davis is will almost certainly die tomorrow at the hands of the people of Georgia. He will die with a needle in his arm, a knife in the heart of Themis, and another indelible stain on our justice system.

I have presented my case in five extended posts, beginning here. At the end of the last of those five posts, I stated that I oppose the execution of Troy Anthony Davis. I do not, however, want my opposition to go any more unnoticed than necessary. I will therefore state my opposition here, briefly and unequivocally.

I take no position one way or the other on the death penalty in general. I vehemently oppose, however, the execution of any person who might reasonably be innocent. I have reviewed almost every execution this year beforehand to determine whether the person might reasonably be innocent. I have stood mute on  each of the 33 executions so far this year except for Eric King (almost certainly innocent), Cary Kerr (possibly innocent), and Richard Bible (almost certainly guilty). I also opposed the execution of Richard Clay (probably innocent, commuted) and Larry Swearingen (absolutely innocent, stayed).

I believe it is substantially more likely that Sylvester Coles murdered Officer MacPhail than it is that Troy Davis murdered him. As a minimum, there is far too much uncertainly in this case to justify an execution.

I therefore oppose the execution of Troy Anthony Davis.


Lily said...

As a freshman in Engineering, I have to say that this is the first thread on law that I finished reading. I really appreciate your way of research and analysis.

tsj said...

Engineers rule. I'm a recovering engineer myself.

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