Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fear and Loathing in Prince George's County

In Misconduct Abounding in Prince George's County, I explained how I came to learn of the sorry state of justice in Prince George's County, Maryland. I also detailed how their canine unit was at one time the most dangerous in the country. In this post, I examine how they handled unruly students after a "March Madness" basketball game last year.

I'll begin with a video from a Washington Post article. The video pretty much speaks for itself. Keep an eye on the guy who dances in from the right side of the screen and approaches the officer on horseback. You decide whether or not he struck  the horse or the officer. I apologize for the 15 second lead-in commercial asking you to help save the planet. Make sure you embiggen the video so that you can see the attack in all its disgusting glory.

You may not have been able to see the student attack the police, but the police apparently had no trouble seeing it. After beating him with riot sticks they, charged him with striking a mounted police officer. Once the homemade video surfaced and made the rounds, the charges were dropped.

Note that the attack by the police was well coordinated, as if the police were trained to suppress imminent threats with overwhelming force and violence.

More to come regarding Prince George's County. Stay tuned.

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