Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Supremes Stay Execution of Daniel Wayne Cook

The U.S. Supreme Court has stayed the execution of Daniel Wayne Cook.

I think it is an excellent idea that we look carefully at every case before taking the life of another. What I find distressing about this stay, and that for Cleve Foster, is that Eric King was executed without a stay, despite the distinct possibility of his innocence.

When Cook was arrested, the police found two bodies in his closet. Both his victims had been tortured. He gets a stay.

Cleve and his buddy rape and kill a young woman a month after they had raped and killed another young woman. Cleve's explanation for his sperm in the victim's vagina was that his buddy had her ride him while he was passed out drunk.  Cleve gets a stay.

Eric King was a half foot shorter than the shooter. He gets the needle.

This sucks.

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