Sunday, April 10, 2011

Inferno: An Inquiry into the Willingham Fire

With the invaluable assistance of my graphic designer, editor, and publisher (i.e. The Skeptical Spouse), I've completed my first book intended exclusively for e-publishing. It's available from Smashwords. 

Most of you have not previously heard of Smashwords. Smashwords plans on being for e-pubs what Amazon has been to printed books. The difference is that you can get many low-priced (and even free) books for any e-reader, not just Kindle, at Smashwords. You can, for example, purchase the book for a Sony Reader, a Barnes and Noble Nook, a Palm, or a Kindle. You don't even need an e-reader. You can download books in PDF, Javascript, HTML, or Rich Text Format. If you have a computer and an internet connection (which you must have to be reading this) you can download books for free, or you can spring for $0.99 and learn what actually caused the Cameron Todd Willingham fire.

Okay, here's a spoiler: It wasn't arson.

I won't detail the contents of the book any more than that. There's no need to. You can go to Smashwords and read the first 10% of the book for free. Almost all books on Smashwords allow a free preview. Typically, you are allowed to read the first 10% to 25% of the book online to see if you really want to part with your  hard-earned money.

Although the books are copyrighted, they are not DRM protected. You can copy them as you wish for your personal use. You can download a PDF, for example, and then load it into your Kindle. You will have a copy on both your computer and your Kindle, no extra charge. The books are inexpensive enough that we (the authors) hope that individuals will each purchase their own copy.

Now, after that compelling introduction, I'll understand if you decide to leave to browse around instead at Smashwords. You might consider starting here.

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