Saturday, November 13, 2010

In Search of 54: An Update

Time for an update on my search for the 54 innocent people executed by Texas. This update incorporates results from the The Grainy Case of Kia Levoy Johnson and The Three-Gun-Monte Sack O' Fertilizer Conviction and Execution of Frances Elaine Newton. It also incorporates revised scoring for The Despicable Claude Jones.

There's been a whole lot ink and pixels expended on Despicable Claude since the DNA results showed the 1" hair segment used to convict him came back negative. By the time I was done looking at all the new information I learned about the case, I ended up scoring him slightly downward, not significantly upward as I initially expected.

During my coarse filtering I first gave Claude a zero, meaning I didn't intend to consider his case any further. Then I learned about the potential DNA testing on the 1" hair and scored him at 52. The DNA results came back negative, I over-reacted and scored him at 82. By the next morning, I had regained my senses, worked through the score sheet more carefully and scored him at 48. I'm comfortable with that number but not the process by which I got there.

Charles Anthony Boyd, 1 

By my decimal accounting, I have so far located 11.5 people wrongfully executed by the State of Texas. I can't tell you exactly which 11.5 people were wrongfully executed, only that they are from the list above and  more likely located near the top than the bottom.

Stay tuned.

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