Saturday, October 16, 2010

Off Topic: Take Me Out

All wrongful conviction work and no play makes Jack a jaded and bitter boy. Though I'm buried much of my time studying and writing of crime, tragedy, and injustice, I try to not lose sight of all that is wonderful.  Part of the wonder is that people are endlessly inventive. I am really impressed by people who can do things well.

This is a staged bit by the group Atomic Tom. The skeptical among you can just smile at the opening text explaining that their instruments were stolen and they were forced to improvise. The result is nonetheless wonderous. I appreciate the video as much for what it implies as for the music.

Think about it. The group is just a few iPhones away from being a true cyborg band. It won't be long before such a performance will be possible without the external devices.

For those who wish to view it on YouTube, please feel free. Others of you who just can't bear to separate from this blog, the embed follows.

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