Friday, July 23, 2010

The Trial of Cory Maye Now Available on Kindle

I'm proud of this book. Beyond that that obvious sentiment, I'll merely repeat the back cover text of The Skeptical Juror and The Trial of Cory Maye.


Police officer Ron Jones had worked hard to solve both the drug and race problems of Prentiss, Mississippi. He had earned the respect of those he served and protected, regardless of skin color. Among the black residents of the town he was known as one of the good ones, perhaps the only good one.

Now, in the waning hours of the first day after Christmas 2001, Ron is prepared to lead his motley team of officers into a darkened duplex to serve yet another search warrant for drugs. As the rear door is breached, Ron is the first to enter. He begins to announce “Police officer, search warrant!” but is cut short by gunfire.

“I’m hit,” he says, making his way back down the steps.

The bullet has punctured his aorta. He will bleed to death within minutes.

He falls to his knees.

“Get me to the hospital, I’ve been hit.”

He collapses to the ground.

“Good Lord, help.”


Another drug raid gone wrong. Another police officer killed. Another citizen facing the death penalty.

Join the fictional jury as they hear testimony, deliberate, and struggle to fulfill their oath to render a true verdict in a case involving two good men. Ron Jones upheld the law. Cory Maye defended his child and his home. Their paths intersect again, this time in a jury room where Maye is on trial for his life.

Form your own opinion. Become a Skeptical Juror in The Trial of Cory Maye.

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