Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hank Skinner: Hell Hole News #25

It's pretty easy for me to sit at home and respond casually, as time permits, to Lynn Switzer's public pronouncements on why Hank Skinner should not be allowed to have all potentially-probative DNA tested before Texas executes him. So far I've posted only two of four responses that I claimed I would post, though nearly five weeks have already passed. I'm discomforted by that, as I would be discomforted by ignoring other demands on my time. For each of us, our time is finite, and it should therefore be precious. 

While it's easy for me to be casual, flippant, and lackadasical, it must be an entirely different matter being patient while sitting on death row. Precious few people have come within minutes of being executed for a crime they did not commit, surviving due to the intervention of a Supreme Court jurist not known for such intervention, and then being unable to respond in timely fashion when the State argues you have no valid basis for defending yourself.

Hank Skinner has now responded, as we all knew he would. He has published his repsonse in his 25th edition of Hell Hole News. I have placed a copy on Scribd, a document management service. You can view and download Hank's response here.

Two aspects of Hank's response stand out for me, though neither is a surprise. First, the response is thorough. Hank understands his case as well as anyone, and he has never been shy about sharing that information. Second, Hank seems even angrier in this edition than he has been in the previous 24. While most of his response focuses on the issues, his anger jumps out on more than a few occasions.
Comer sold me out.
No one is “gaming the system” Lynn Switzer. But your lying ass is attempting to game the public at large and the citizens of Gray County with your subterfuge and misdirection.
What D.A., what true servant of the citizenry and taxpayer, would take such an illogical, asinine stance when all three of your predecessors in office, including Mann himself before he died, as well as the medical examiner who worked the case, three lead detectives and the first officer on the scene have all publicly stated that this evidence needs to be tested? You, woman, are a sick walking joke.
This case has “dragged on for years” only because of the State’s never ending delays, subterfuge, lies, stalling and resistance to allowing the testing. They could’ve opted to put an end to this at any time by simply testing the evidence! Do not allow Lynn Switzer and her ilk to mislead you as she has others.
Lynn Switzer has something to hide regarding this evidence and these subterfugial arguments are merely designed to protect their illegal secrets.
Lynn Switzer has something to hide. Time will bear that out, mark my words on it.
I agree with Hank on the points made above, though I may have stated my argument in a slightly different manner. On the other hand, I type from an easy chair in my living room. Hank writes from somewhat less comfortable environs.

I agree that Harold "Fiscal Foibles" Comer did a less than stellar job defending Hank Skinner. (That was the second part of my ever-impending four-part response to Lynn Switzer's response to the Supreme Court's response to Hank Skinner's petition for a writ of certiorari. See Harold Comer: The Gift That Keeps on Giving)

I agree that Lynn Switzer was somewhat less than completely honest in her public response to the Supreme Court's ruling. (That will be the third part of my ...)

I agree that the State of Texas must share the responsibility for the delay in executing Hank Skinner. It's not entirely Hank's fault that he still breathes. (That will be part four.)

I agree that the State of Texas has been less than completely forthcoming in all matters related to Hank Skinner. (In fact, I will be arguing that Texas not only knows Hank Skinner did not commit the crime, they know who did. That will be part five of my four-part response. The thought has been rolling around inside me for a while, and I guess it's getting close to bursting forth, like that gruesome meal time scene from Alien. [Warning: Not suitable for the faint of heart!])

So for now, read Hank Skinner's Hell Hole News #25. Soon, someday, perhaps in the distant future, read the remainder of my response.


Catherine Turley said...

somebody needs to edit hank. his tone does a disservice to his case. he's accused of a crime of explosive anger. wrongful convictions are getting alot of publicity these days. dr. phil profiled the case of ronald cotton. and last night, america's most wanted dissected the case of dale helmig, who has been imprisoned 15 years for the murder of his mother. the tide is turning.

Anonymous said...

I do like your site Skeptical but in this case I think we should be sceptical of his story.

In most cases when a woman is killed the partner is the culprit.

I would guess that a lot of arguments happen at festivals such as Christmas and New Year etc.

Three people (all related to his partner) were murdered whilst he snoozed on the sofa yet he was unharmed (until he cut his hand on the glass).

He was found covered in blood and hiding from the police.

So either this is the unluckiest bloke in the world, or he was off his nut on drugs and lost his rag when he found out she'd been to a party without him and beat them all to death.

It's time to apply Ocam's Razor, he talks a good lie, and I don't believe in the Death Penalty, but come on, he's guilty as hell. Even looks sketchy when he's on video, can't look at the camera 'cos he knows he's full of it. GUILTY!

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