Tuesday, May 15, 2018

I'm Back

My previous post was dated 14 May 2014, so it's been 4 years and 1 day since I posted. Hopefully, my next post will not be that far in the future.

As I remember it, incorrectly as it turns out, I stopped blogging after I failed to stop the execution of Preston Hughes III, restarted for a while, then quit mid-post, telling my wife I was done. I was discouraged and miserable, and the blogging was taking up too much of my time, with which I should have been making some money. I remember that sequence pretty clearly, but my memory is flawed, just as is that of everyone else. My clear mis-recollection is just more evidence of how bad eyewitness testimony can be.

As I look back over the history of my posts, I see that I did indeed stop posting on 15 November 2012 with a post entitled "Hughes News: Executed."  The entirety of the post read: "7:52 PM   I will not be posting for at least a few days." Regarding that issue, my memory was reasonably accurate.

I see that I then started posting again six days later, on 21 November 2012, presenting a letter I had received from Preston Hughes, one that he wrote the day before he was executed for a crime he did not commit.  I have some news on that letter to share, but not quite yet.

Next post was on 28 November 2012. It was the first in a series I entitled "Anatomy of a Murder," in which I argued that Hughes was murdered if his conviction resulted from felonious behavior on the part of Texas state agents, making clear that perjury in a capital case in Texas is a felony, making clear also that I believe felonious perjury did in fact take place.

I see that I did indeed stop blogging in 2013, but not as early as I recalled. I added 30 posts in 2013, the last being dated 14 July and dealing with the possibly unacknowledged victims of Anthony Allen Shore, who has since been executed.

If I had stopped there, I wouldn't be particularly bothered by my lack of detailed memory. I see, however, that I posted 15 times in 2014, posting once about Cameron Todd Willingham and then beginning a series called "Framing the Guilty, Framing the Innocent." That series began on 14 April 2014 and ended a month later after 11 posts. It's this series of posts that I failed to remember.

A lot has happened in the last four years. A whole lot. And so I'm back to talk with you about some of it. I make no promises on how long I might continue my writing on this august blog, and you shouldn't believe any promise that I might make, since I've been fickle in the past. At this point, I'll simply make a rather lame claim that I intend to post again in not too many days, to begin updating you, the august readers of this august blog, who are now scattered to the four winds.

Only that and nothing more.